A Christmas wish – A poem by George Forsyth

Posted: 22nd December 2020Tags:

Well that, very nearly, was the year, that was!
I wonder what will be in our letters to Santa Claus.
World Peace and, for All, Love and Affection?
Or, very simply, an end to this global infection?

I know what I wish for as 2020 concludes;
It is a change to peoples’ attitudes
Towards others, less fortunate than themselves
Who find it difficult to pay for food from the shelves.

Keeping their children fed, over the festive season,
To being alive, is their only reason.
Yet, some, who have much more than they will ever require,
Ignore the fact that others’ straits are so dire.

The circumstances of this year have proved
How far, from reality, some are removed.
This year, especially, it has been so easy to be critical
Of those, whose decisions have been, obviously, political.

Let’s hope that, this Christmas, common sense will prevail
And we’re not tempted, with others, too wassail
Until the deadly infection has been vaccinated into submission
And there is, no longer, a risk of infectious transmission.

Then we can get back to enjoying life, as we did before,
When, with all our friends, Mr Cross is able to open the door
Of 50 Greek Street; so that we can form an orderly queue
And return to the haven that, this year, we’ve, mostly, had to eschew.


(…& addendum in light of new Tier 4 restrictions!)

And now, Tier Four has been invented
As Boris, our PM, has just presented.
Christmas is cancelled; apart from one day
But, at home, everyone should still stay.

There is a new Covid virus mutation
That has caused our festivities’ truncation.
Against it, we must put up every defence
Which is what we’ve been doing all year, if we had any sense!

THE UNION CLUB IS OPEN AGAIN! In line with the roadmap out of lockdown this is for al fresco dining only, and with restricted hours.For more information see here.
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