#whatareunionupto? Colin McFarlane is watching ‘Friends’

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With one week to go until we re-open the Club, we thought we’d squeeze in one more Q&A with a member. You may know actor Colin as the voice of the Union telephone line… but it turns out he’s got a few more strings to his bow than just that, such as roles in little films like Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight or TV shows including Outlander (you may have heard of them.) He’s evidently a busy chap – which is why it took a pandemic for him to watch Friends!

Still with us then? Ha ha! Yes just! Had pneumonia twice going into lockdown and as I also suffer from asthma it was a bit worrying.

Lock-down appears to be passing. How was it for you? Awesome. Enjoyed the chance to catch up on reading writing. Built a home studio so I could continue voicing and voiced some videos for free to support the brilliant NHS. My biggest treat was watching a series from start to finish that I had just not got round to before, ‘Friends’. Watching daily briefings on CNN by the Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo kept me sane and 10 seasons of Friends kept me smiling!

What are you looking forward to most? Hugging my children again and hugging and seeing my parents, 85 year old Dad and 91 year old Mum who are up in Lincoln. It’s been tough on them.

What are you working on? Justice. Watching & reading a lot around race ‘The Windrush Betrayal’ by Amelia Gentleman has been a highlight, powerful and painful.  And I am developing my charity www.makinghistory.org that does family history for children, into a potential TV show with an American network to change the narrative on racism. Talks have just begun, crossing lots of fingers!!

Back to normal or the end of civilisation? With my Buddhist head on I hope it will be a new dawn for civilisation. I am focusing on there being a new normal that gives us a chance to improve the world by remembering the good things that have come out of this. Less travel & pollution of the planet. More time for reflection. More understanding of each other and I hope a fairer society. We can but dream.

Who’s the daddy – Burgundy or Bordeaux?
 Both work for me. If I was having a Union burger I would go for the burgundy.

Funk or Disco?
As the founder of the Jazz Funk society in my Loughborough uni days, where I was also a DJ! and as a HUGE Michael Jackson fan and lover of a boogie on the dancefloor!…I would have to say both!!

How would you describe YOUR Union?
It’s my little oasis in the West End. Whether I am doing business meetings or hanging with friends it’s my first port of call. I love the fact that it is unpretentious and the staff are always welcoming. I dream of the cosy fireplaces in the winter and the glorious roof terrace in the summer. I have been a member for so long it’s like part of my extended family! Of course, Peter is fabulous


Outlander season 5 DVD will be out later this year with a special bonus scene I filmed. I have a cameo in a new HBO drama that is slated to air on BBC2, I am a new character in an iconic cartoon series a voice in a new game show but not allowed to say what they are called just yet annoyingly!!!


Big thanks to Colin & all the members who have chatted to us over lockdown. We hope that the next time we catch up… it’s in real life!

THE UNION CLUB IS TEMPORARILY CLOSED DUE TO THE NATIONAL LOCKDOWN but fear not… you can’t hold a good Club down for long…Follow us on social media for updates
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