#whatareunionupto? Di Sherlock’s ‘Written Portraits’

Posted: 12th May 2020Tags:

‘I am the other’ – a book of written portraits

Di developed her ‘written portraits’ practice in the Memory Cafes of Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea and Hammersmith & Fulham working with people living with Alzheimer’s.

The Memory Poems came out of open conversations with individuals or small groups after which she would write poems inspired by the stories they told and give them back to each individual ‘sitter’. The participants called what she was doing ‘an honouring.’

The sitters for Di’s latest book I am the other, funded by The Wellcome Trust, were people living with cancer at Maggie’s West and staff working in cancer care at Charing Cross Hospital.

The stories tell of supreme kindness, courage, honesty, insight, laughter and pain – everyday and jaw-dropping.

Di has very kindly made the ebook free to download on her site: disherlock.com. Feel free to pass the book on to anyone who might find it useful. The printed book will be available shortly.

How are you? Have you had the lurgy?
No, totally healthy – except I was half way through a dental implant when the lockdown happened and SORELY missing the dentist.

Are you bored?
Everyday different. No knowing how I’m gonna wake up.

What are you doing?
At first had massive surge of creativity then as home alone went on and on that all got subsumed into massive looking at trees. Without Regents Park would go nuts.

Back to normal or the end of civilisation?
Business as usual? Not gonna happen. 50-50 whether light or dark prevails.


Funk or Disco? (and your favourite dance number please)
Mash up – Rival Consoles ‘Them is Us’ at full blast to drown out the sounds of my neighbours.

Burning the midnight oil or early bird catches the worm?
A lark by nature.

Sequins or tracksuit?
Fighting against the slide into 24/7 yoga wear.

Thanks Di! We look forwards to seeing you back on Greek Street soon.