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Wedding planning is meant to be a fun experience where you are immersed in all things matrimony. From viewing venues, to sampling delicious food and trying on amazing outfits, it’s all about those defining details that make your day truly unique. You put the planning in so the big day goes without a hitch, but more often than not, the joy turns to stress as the pressure of making big decisions mounts.

At the Union Club, we are all about making your wedding day a stress-free occasion that you’ll never forget. So sit back, relax and read our top tips for a serene wedding experience, Soho style.

1) Go daydream

It’s time to clear your head and start daydreaming about your perfect big day. Whether you are going for boho chic, elegant and formal, or somewhere in-between, visualize everything. Use tools like Pinterest and Instagram to create mood boards for your day. You’ll find being able to show suppliers photos will be a lot easier than trying to explain your wishes verbally. Not only that, but you’ll help to ensure all your suppliers are on board with your requirements and that your vision is realistic – all from the very beginning of your planning.

2) Know your wedding budget

One of the biggest stresses when it comes to getting married is keeping within a budget. When you are planning your wedding you need to have a clear understanding of what you are willing to pay for venue hire, catering and entertainment. Watch out for those optional extras that can all add up and don’t forget to keep tabs on every expense (large and small) either via a spreadsheet or online planning tools.
Your venue will be your biggest expenditure, so be open and honest with yourself about your budget and then look for venues accordingly. Saturdays are often the most expensive days to get married on. So if you are flexible with dates, choosing a weekday or Sunday wedding can help bring the price down, or open up venues you may initially think are out of budget. Make sure any quotes you get are like-for-like and that your chosen venue fills you with confidence that they have your back on the day.

3) Try before you buy

Whether you are booking a venue, organizing the catering or arranging the entertainment, it’s always wise to go experience everything in person first. Don’t just rely on photos or a slick website.
When it comes to venues, book in a walk-round tour to see the space in person. Make sure you ask lots of questions, discuss room layout and dressing, meet the events team and get a feel for the ambiance of the place. Don’t forget to take your imagination with you – if the venue offers flexible space that can be used for lots of different events, it may not be dressed for a wedding when you visit.

4) Go with your gut instinct

When it comes to booking a venue or services for your wedding, you may look at a number of suppliers before you find one that fits your needs. Get a feel for the person / team you will be dealing with throughout your booking and make sure you feel confident they understand your requirements. Doubts will add to your stress levels, but a fantastic event management team will help you sleep like a baby.

5) Book a wedding venue that can cater for the entire day

Worried about your guests making it from the church or registry office to the reception on time? Concerned about the rising costs of extras such as wedding cars? Exhausted by the thought of all the things you have to fit in pre-wedding, and the additional travelling to a separate reception venue? Worried that all your suppliers will not gel on the day? Keep things simple by holding the ceremony and the reception at the same venue. No losing guests, no losing your own sanity and just one team to deal with for the whole event – it’s win win!

The Union Soho is the perfect venue for your intimate central London wedding service or reception. With over 23 years of experience, and a license to hold ceremonies, we are here to assist in making your wedding day stress-free, and a wonderful, unique celebration. Held in a beautiful and eclectic 300-year-old Georgian town house, your big day will be unforgettable.

Do call us today on 0207 734 4113 to book a tour, meet our team and arrange to try our food. We’d love to meet you.

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