‘Some Thoughts On Being UNIONised Once More’ by George Forsyth

It’s the day I’ve longed for since the doors were locked
And entry to my favourite home from home was blocked.
After so long, to London taking steps so tentative
With face mask and all other measures, preventative.
I look forward to the kitchen and bar being fully stocked.

Meeting with friends for a long lunch and a chat
Wednesday afternoons are just made for that.
If the sun is shining on the terrace rooftop
Or. Like today, inside the Club when the rain starts to drop.
For as long as we’re allowed, we’ll be here chewing the fat.

Which is not a reflection on Carolyn’s meat selection
Despite the lockdown time she still has the best connection.
In the kitchen they cook up the tastiest grub
For all the happy members of our Club.
Keeping our minds off, for a while, the Covid Infection.

It bodes well that our Club, whose sanctum we all crave,
Will be there so its members’ sanity it can save
By being open, each week, for just a few days
When we’re in the end of Lockdown’s first phase.
As long as we’re careful and there is no second wave.


Worth noting that George took no time in getting this poem jotted down… he came in for lunch and had this written for us at the table before we had so much as a chance to say ‘Hello George!’ A loyal and creative member like no other.

THE UNION CLUB IS TEMPORARILY CLOSED DUE TO THE NATIONAL LOCKDOWN but fear not… you can’t hold a good Club down for long…Follow us on social media for updates
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