Club Clubs

Union Club life is about finding somewhere you can be yourself and belong. Joining one of our ‘club clubs ‘ is a great way to find like-minded people to share your interests – and more often than not a bite to eat or a drink of two – in the sanctuary of the Union Club.

Wine Club:

Our ‘Bachus’ connoisseur of many talents, Iain Titterington, hosts our Wine Club as well as being the ‘designer’ of our eclectic, quality wine list. 

Enjoy hearing the pop of a cork and the glug of wine filling a glass? Enjoy discovering new wines or find out more about your favourite tipple? Our wine club is a laid back, friendly affair, open to all members and meets quarterly. So come and join in the tastings and influence for yourself, the wines we buy and the wines we list.

We have a soft spot for Backgammon at the Union Club, it is one of the ultimate games of strategy and luck. Whether you are an occasional player, or dedicated pro, the Backgammon club is for you. Hosted, in fact, by our Club Chairman, Tim Cookson, we are open to players of all levels and enjoy regular competition with other Soho Clubs. 
THE UNION CLUB IS OPEN AGAIN! In line with the roadmap out of lockdown this is for al fresco dining only, and with restricted hours.For more information see here.
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