The Union Wine Dinner – Shiraz & Riesling Friday 31 January, 2020

7.30pm - 10pm, £55.00 per ticket

A rollicking celebration of Shiraz and Riesling from around the world.

Join us for a celebration of two celebrated grape varieties under the esteemed tutorage of our good friend Michael Robins from Jeroboam’s wine merchants.

We will be fondling, sniffing and tasting four different Shiraz and four different Riesling, to see how different master winemakers from different parts of the world produce wine from different terroirs while enjoying some hearty dinner (and not a little glittering repartee, we hope).

Union wine bandits, Iain and PC, will also be in attendance to hold the hands of the nervous, or to assist should any folk become woozy.

Dinner including wine is just £55.00 (plus £4.88 eventbrite booking fee) and we guarantee a lovely evening.

Do come!


Cured salmon celeriac remoulade

Boeuf bourguignon

Mustard mash and greens