Tuesday 19 July at 7pm

The Writing Salon is unlike any other event for writers.  It seeks to draw inspiration from unlikely places as it dissects genre and narrative, explores fiction and non-fiction, and dives into all forms of storytelling.  Through a mixture of video, audio, theory, practical exercises, interviews with guests, and a very social and engaged membership it will make you feel energised about your writing. Everyone is welcome, as well as all writing genres and formats. Some members have no previous writing experience – others write regularly for stage, page and screen.  Whatever your level, you’ll get a warm welcome.

Join host Mark Heywood for the July edition of The Writing Salon. On Tuesday July 19th at 7pm we’ll be looking at what writers can learn from the use of food and drink in classic storytelling. From a royale-with-cheese, to fava beans and Chianti we’ll study several iconic examples of how food and drink can lift a story. Expect references to Inspector Salvo Montalbano, Kay Scarpetta, Nero Wolfe, The Sopranos, The Godfather, and obviously, The Last Supper.  Whether it be overweight cops eating doughnuts to hardboiled detectives surviving on a diet of strong liquor and cigarettes – food and drink plays a huge role in storytelling.

As ever there will be a short practical element to the session.  And you might want to order a burger in case you get hungry!

Grab your pencil cases and we’ll see you there. You’ll also be able to buy copies of our inaugural anthology “Lips on Unfamiliar Skin.”

RSVP to catherine@unionclub.co.uk

The session starts at 7pm but please feel free to book a table at the Club from 6pm to enjoy a bite to eat, or arrive a little early in order grab a drink before we begin (you can also book a table for 8.30/9pm to have your supper afterwards!)

Email reception@unionclub.co.uk to book.

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