The Union Chatterboxes – Virtual Pub Night

Friday 5 March, 2021
7-9pm, free


I know we might be a bit late to the party, but after the success of our breakaway Union Chatterboxes Whatsapp group, and with a wee bit of road to cover yet before we re-open, we’ve decided to test out a ‘virtual pub night’ next Friday March 5th.

Kindly hosted by Zoom expert (we use the term loosely) and member David Hutchison, the Union Chatterbox bar will be open next Friday evening from 7-9pm… with a lock-in after 9 o’clock.

Email us for the Zoom invite, or subscribe to the Union Chatterboxes Whatsapp group (be warned, it can get busy in there.)


A Zoom Bar is simply an online meeting with drinks (BYO – or try out Ben’s Espresso Martini recipe or George’s Backgammon Club cocktail), no agenda and no chairperson.

As with a pub, you can drop in and leave when you feel. As with the Union, there aren’t really any rules – even mobiles are permitted here (I mean, you need some kind of internet-enabled device to access this place…)

It’s like being in a real bar, except only one person can talk at once. (So, that’s not quite like being in a real bar.) The rules of polite conversation do apply, some subjects are discouraged. Politics, swearing and crude jokes are things that may get people removed from a session… or sent to the Naughty Corner.


Good news – it’s tough to be late for a Zoom Bar meeting. You can join or leave any time between the opening and closing times, and you can leave at any time during a lock in. Just like a pub.


  • Make sure your device is charged or plugged in, or better still, both.
  • When joining a Zoom Bar meeting have your audio and video ON
  • Know how to mute and unmute your device.
  • Know how to switch from Speaker View to Gallery View and back
  • Know how to turn Original Sound on and off and then turn it off. Don’t worry if you can’t find this control, we can sort it out later, if it’s a problem.
  • Before eating crisps always mute your device.
  • Devices such as laptops and tablets tend to be easier to use than a phone, because more information is shown on their screens.
    • Check there is more light on you than on the background.
    • Avoid bright lights behind you.
  • Check your own picture from time to time to see if it’s OK (Is the top of your head still there?  Have you turned into a dark shape in a dark room?)
  • If all’s OK then just enjoy the Zoom Bar.


Are you new to Zoom, unsure about using it, or just hate it? Or even just want someone to talk to for half an hour?

Don’t look like a wazzock in front of the whole audience. David is nobly stepping up to the plate and will do a quick (free) practice session to try it out with no one looking – he’ll be looking but as a ‘qualified tutor’ he won’t tell anyone. Contact David H on 07714381244 to arrange a time to suit you.

You can also contact David if you need advice on how to log on. You will need the Meeting ID and Passcode (email us or watch out for the details in your newsletter / Whatsapp Group) plus the free Zoom programme on your device.

Please DON’T leave it until the meeting night to try out the system.