George’s Union Cocktail

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Not content with writing rhymes, member George Forsyth has turned mixologist and magicked up a cocktail appropriate for a backgammon match in the bleak midwinter. We suggest you give this pairing a go.

From George:

I created this cocktail following a conversation with members of the Union Backgammon Club. Nobody but me has tasted it but I am happy that it is a suitable, sipping accompaniment to a winter’s backgammon match.

1.5 x gin
0.5 x Vermouth Rosso
0.25 x Montelobos Mezcal
0.25 x triple sec
0.25 x lime syrup

For the lime syrup……
5/6 x limes, jest and juice
200g caster sugar

  • Put the lime jest into a saucepan.
  • Measure about 100ml of juice into a jug and top up with water to about 150/160ml.
  • Pour the liquid into the pan with the caster sugar and heat, gently without boiling, until the sugar is dissolved. Quantities of limes and sugar may vary. The syrup should be sweet, but not too sweet with a strong, but not too strong, lime flavour.
  • Strain into a jug and leave to cool.

    For the cocktail…..

  • Half fill a tumbler with ice cubes. Add all the ingredients and stir well until nicely chilled.
  • Garnish with an orange wedge.

And George missed the last step, but we presume it should read… ‘commence backgammon play?’

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