Union Club Backgammon During Lockdown March – May 2020 (so far)

Posted: 22nd May 2020Tags:


Every Thursday evening at half past five,
So as our competitive and social natures not to deprive,
We all pick up our computer or our phone
And in TIM’s Zoom Meeting, we’re all in the zone.

Our regular meetings have stopped; The Club is closed
So, in our own homes, to meet, we are disposed;
There is no way any of us can take a rather nifty
To Soho and to Greek Street, Number Fifty.

We’re in lounges and dens and kitchens and diners,
And if SASKIA can get Wi-Fi time, instead of her minors,
She’ll join in the matches, we play on the net
That, by our congenial Captain TIM, are set.

We see BRENDA and hear the glug-glug of her wine.
She’s ready to play; that sound’s a sure sign.
Some find the painting on her wall quite hypnotic
Others, have voiced that it looks mildly erotic!

GEN is on Zoom with, behind her, a guitar
I wonder which tunes are in her repertoire.
Last time ANDY B was absent, his daughter’s birthday was the reason why.
He was missed, as one of our ever-present backgammon alumni.

JERRY joins with backdrop fitting a politician
And CAROLINE too is ready for the competition
I’ve played both on a virtual board, and CRAWF too
But we’re all eager to play, in person, at our usual rendezvous.

Always present with hints and helpful suggestions,
SEAN is there to answer all our questions.
When brother MIKE joins, they play the Grand Slams
Like other sporting siblings, the Sisters Will-e-ams.

In last week’s final, was it because it’s more cinematic
That NICOLE banished ALEX up to their attic?
Or just so that she could chat about him without him knowing
As, playing against RUSS, his die he was throwing?

RUSS, for his part, looked so laid back all the way through
As, for each player, wins and losses did accrue.
After a gripping match, ALEX was crowned the champ
And so was allowed to climb back down to base camp.

Our weekly tournaments and matches are a lot of fun
And it is great to see and chat to everyone
But, for ME, the major of my backgammon aims
Is, after a lot of matches to, finally, just once, beat JAMES.