Terms & Conditions


Membership Conduct

We have no rules as such, other than those demanded by good taste and common sense. However, all members should be aware that we allow only three guests per member unless by prior arrangement. It always helps us to give better service if we know who is coming and when – so do call ahead and let us know!


We ask for phones not to be used in the club, with the exception of the Studio (First Floor) Bar. If you must use your phone please go into the hall, the back corridor, or the Studio. Please be discrete. If you are expecting a call please set your ring tone at a discreet level and take your call in the hall or the Studio.  Otherwise, and preferably, please switch your phone off.  We hope you understand that we must be strict on this matter and trust that you will help us to preserve a predominantly phone-free environment. Many thanks.


Members are responsible for the peaceable behaviour of guests and we would ask you to request your guests to switch off their mobile phones when in the building. Thank you.


At any time if you have any suggestions or criticisms we would hope that you will share them with us. Member surveys are occasionally made. Do look out for these.


Please look forward to our occasional email newsletters and notifications of events and promotions (about every 2-weeks). Do let us know if you change address or for whatever reason stop receiving our emails


Membership applications and payment terms

Membership applications are considered by the membership committee which meets monthly. Applications to join may be made on-line by visiting our web-site: www.unionclub.co.uk. Alternatively please e-mail us at membership@unionclub.co.uk or call 0207 437 4002 to discuss your application.

Applicants are requested to fill in a membership application form, including the initial subscription payment details and the accompanying Direct Debit instruction and return to the club once completed. We do require a recent profile image (to help us recognise you) and we ask that you email this to: membership@unionclub.co.uk. A GoCardless link will then be sent to you in a return email for your authorisation of future renewal payments.

It is a requirement that all applications are supported by a payment method for membership subscription fees. In addition to Direct Debit we accept Credit Card payment. You may pay your annual membership fee in one payment at the start of your new membership period or monthly instalments. Credit Card details can be provided via our payment link, this will be sent to you upon application or renewal. We retain your credit card details within our payment system for future membership subscriptions which will be automated.

One proposing member is required.

Payment details are confidential, and the payment will only be presented should your application be successful.

At this point you give consent for The Union Club to retain your payment information for future transactions.

Please note that your application cannot be considered by the Committee until valid payment details are provided.

Membership renewals are reviewed by the Union Club committee and are automatic unless the committee contact you to confirm otherwise. The committee decision will be final.

An annual increase of 1.5% will be automatically applied to your renewal fee.

Membership Cancellation Policy

The minimum term of membership is one full year. We ask that requests for membership cancellation be made in writing 60 days before the annual renewal date. Only written notice will be accepted for membership cancellation. Monthly fees and upfront annual fees are non-refundable.

Food and Drink Bills We require all bills to be fully paid at the time of consumption, otherwise we reserve the right to charge your card with the details we hold on file.

At this point you give consent for The Union Club to retain your payment information for future transactions.

Confidentiality of Membership Records

All the basic information we hold is taken from the original membership application form and held on our membership database. This is updated as new information is provided by members themselves. Apart from the original application form, no complete set of information is left in printed form.

It is forbidden for staff at The Union to reveal a member’s home address or telephone number unless the member has given the authority to do so. We are always conscious of the need for confidentiality where members are concerned, and we hope they feel secure with the methods we employ to ensure it.


As a member, we will email you regularly with relevant information about your Club. This includes opening times, offers about private events, member events and happenings within the club, plus any other information we feel is relevant or important to you as a member of the club. You can opt-out at any point by emailing us directly or by unsubscribing by using the unsubscribe link in the e-mail