C-19 In Our Time (8) by George Forsyth

Posted: 30th June 2020Tags:

Looking through the tunnel, is that light?
Is everything, now, going to be all right?
NO!, there’s still a threat gripping the globe;
The viral Covid-19 killing microbe.

Shops are opening and so are the pubs
As well as our favourite Soho clubs.
Properly sanitised and 99.9% bacteria free
So their clients’ good health is a guarantee.

But for complacency, there is still no room,
Back to normal, no one should presume.
Wash those hands and wear that mask
To save some lives, it’s not a big ask!

Keep your distance; one metre or two
Further apart will see us through
It will be different but, to it, we’ll all get used
As long as most human contact remains diffused.

Within a household, a hug doesn’t get you in trouble
And with someone else you can create a bubble;
Should it be a parent or grandparent or just a friend?
The rules are still not easy to comprehend.

“Use your common sense” our Prime Minster states,
When public places open their gates,
“Which means still two metres apart” but, if you can’t do that
It’s ok to be closer, he says, to have a drink and a chat.

No wonder we’re confused but, at least, our leader isn’t Trump
We’ll stop testing for it, is the brainwave of that orange coloured chump!
That way, our positive numbers will go right down
That’s the goal, after all, isn’t it? Can you believe that Clown!

I’ve seen inside all the houses of reporters and experts I need to see
Who are interviewed via Zoom or FaceTime or Skype on TV
I’m nearly back to normal because, without any prior warning,
I shouted at Piers Morgan, on television, this morning.

Baby Steps, everyone, and learn new ways to behave
That way we’ll do our best to avoid a second wave.
Wear masks and don’t touch anything on buses and trains
And, for the country’s economy, we might start to see some gains.