#whatareunionupto? Nicole Bilan and the Quarantine Art Exhibition

Posted: 30th April 2020

Nicole Bilan is one of the Union’s newest (and youngest!) members and is making the most of this unexpected downtime to organise a virtual quarantine art exhibition.

The project itself is quite simple: Nicole and co are looking for submissions in any media form (as long as it can be presented digitally) that has been created under quarantine, with a short description to accompany it (why it was created, what influenced it, how the artist was feeling, whatever feels relevant!)

The exhibition will be ‘on display’ virtually in August, so works can be submitted any time from now until then. Hopefully, once gathering is allowed once again, there’ll be a real life exhibition to attend, but until then the project will take a digital format that everyone can enjoy from the safety and comfort of their homes.

If you have any work you’d like to submit (or are inspired to create something for the brief) please email to qaexhibit@outlook.com in a digital format. We’d love to see some Union representation on display!

How are you? Have you had the lurgy?

I’m well! I had a pathetic form of the lurgy a few weeks ago, which consisted of a very mild flu and then losing my smell and taste for a couple of weeks (a form torture given the amount of cakes my mum and I have been baking). However, that seems to be resolved and now I’m back to my usual antics, happily able to taste again!

Are you bored?

See-sawing between boredom and stints of productivity. Some days last forever, while others don’t seem to have enough hours to fit in all of the things I have planned. Time really is just a concept, huh?

What are you doing?  

I’ve been trying to enjoy the slowness of life, so I’m spending a good deal of time getting reacquainted with my piano, reading, writing, and sitting out in the garden. That said, I’m not great at being idle, so a few friends and I have teamed up with the Classics society at King’s College London, (where I’m studying Comparative Literature) to host the Quarantine Art Exhibition, which is very much open for Union members and staff, so do get involved. Submit your artwork and spread the word!

Back to normal or the end of civilisation?

I’d like to say end of civilisation, just for the pure fun of being contrary – but in reality, I have a bucket list of ‘normal’ things to do once this is over. Sipping a negroni at the Union is ranking pretty high up there at the moment.

Funk or Disco? (and your favourite dance number please)

Disco all the way, give me some Earth, Wind, and Fire, and clear the dancefloor! My best mate and I do have a pretty great routine to ‘Waterloo’, so that has to be my favourite dance number. How could it not be?

Beatles or The Stones?

Depends on the day. However, I’d say the Beatles for now. They’re more cheerful, aren’t they.

Who’s the Daddy – Burgundy or Bordeaux?

Between the two, Bordeaux – but like I said, if there’s a negroni on offer, I’m be springing for that!

Royal Albert Hall with empty streets on a sunny day

For those missing London, here’s a view of the Royal Albert Hall. I often used to enjoy walking to and from the city, and never saw this place without a crowd of people surrounding it. It’s strange to see it so empty, but it is the first time I’ve actually been able to stand and appreciate the building itself and actually look at the surroundings. They’re pretty spectacular! While it’s a refreshing change for now, I cannot wait to see the return of the usual liveliness that we love about London.

Entries open – submissions closing at end of August.
NO entrance fee.

All creatives welcome – professionals – students – novices

Any creative medium.

All submissions to be sent to qaexhibit@outlook.com in digital form.

By submitting your work you allow QA Exhibition to publish your work online as part of the exhibition/social media strategy and consent to having your data stored. Please contact QA Exhibition if you would like to opt out of this.