Posted: 16th October 2020


If you are meeting indoors: it must be in groups of six or less, and you must all be from the same household or support bubble.

If this does not apply: you can only meet outside, and this must also be in groups of six or less.

If you are meeting for a ‘reasonably necessary’ (i.e. cannot be done from home) work purpose, then there are no restrictions on the gatherings – although please be sensible.



Is the Club still open?

YES – and we’re busy!
Follow the guidelines and come and see us!

Can I visit the Club with members of my household or support bubble?

Yes you can, and please do!
Bring your husband, bring your dog, bring your housemate, bring your neighbour – whoever is in that bubble, bring them along.
You might be spending a lot of time with them already… but at the Club we’ll take care of the cooking and cleaning (and a change of scene is never a bad thing!)

Can I mingle with other tables?

We’re afraid not! It flies in the face of Union sociability but for the time being you can only chat with people in your own group. Smiles across the room are A OK. Smoulder across that facemask.

Can I visit the Club with people who are not in my household or support bubble?

Not indoors, I’m afraid, unless it’s for a ‘reasonably necessary’ work purpose.

Do you have outdoor seating?

Yes we do! Not loads of it, so do book in advance (and keep an eye on the weather, as we can’t sit you inside if it changes) but we have heaters and hot water bottles for when it’s really chilly, and hot toddies available from the bar!
The rule of six still applies outside.

Are your meeting rooms still open?

Yes they are, and there are no restrictions on work gatherings so long as they are held in a COVID-safe environment – which the Club is.

Is the Studio still open as a workspace?

Yes it is, and it’s a perfect option for a safe and socially distanced space in which to get some work done if you need to get out of the house!*

What time can I stay in the Club until?

Curfew is at 10pm, which means you have to be out of the building by 10pm. This means last food orders to the kitchen at 9pm, and last drinks orders by 9.40pm.

Do I have to wear a mask?

You must wear a mask when moving around the building – this includes arrival and leaving, being seated, going to the bathroom etc.

Do I have to check in?

As a member we should have your details on file, but please do confirm with the receptionist when you arrive. Do also check in with the NHS Track and Trace App if you have this, it only takes five seconds!

Do I have to book in advance?

It really helps us if you do! We will of course accept all walk-in visits from members where possible, but reservations help us manage numbers and staffing in these tricky times – and Club capacity is reduced due to distancing.

I have another question!

Then please email me. I’m no legal eagle but by jove am I turning my hand to government regulations like never before this year, and we are doing our utmost to make sure everything is safe, above board, and good fun.


*Please do be aware that official government guidance states to work from home where possible.