#whatareunionupto? Tim Arnold is Saving Soho

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If you’re missing Soho as much as we are, member Tim Arnold has put together a perfect ‘Soho night in’ (if that isn’t a contradiction in terms) to remind you of what you’re missing…

Here’s the plan:

  • put on a jazzy outfit
  • pour yourself a tipple of your choice
  • read Tim’s Q&A with us here
  • watch Soho Is at the link below
  • follow it with the directors’ interview with critic Anna Smith
  • imagine that you are out and about in the maze of London’s most vibrant area
  • cry yourself to sleep (not really! we’ll be back as soon as we can!)


How are you? Have you had the lurgy?
Oddly or inappropriately, I am at my happiest.  I have not had the lurgy and I feel extremely grateful.

What are you working on today?
I am working on my 21st album.  I still haven’t released the 20th yet.  Accidental stockpiling.  Content Constipation.

Back to normal or the end of civilisation?
Neither.  Back to an ancient future.

Funk or Disco (and what’s your favourite dance number)?
Funk.  Your Love Is My Ecstasy by Donald Byrd.

How would you describe YOUR Union?
My Union is an afternoon French Onion Soup by the fire or one of my Save Soho nights when I got to be a performer and a punter at the same time.

Tate – Britain or Modern?
Tate Brodern

Life on other planets?
It wasn’t what it was cracked up to be.  But anyone who has lived most of their life in Soho can tell you that.

Can money buy love?
I cannot speak for Love, but I have a feeling that being bought or sold is not #WhatLoveWouldWant (that hashtag is definitely worth an inspection)

Anything you would like to declare?
Don’t give up.

Thanks Tim, we shan’t.

Soho Is began life in 2016 when Kevin Godley and Tim Arnold united with well known lovers of Soho to talk about the area and loss of performing arts spaces.

The film fuses interviews with footage captured and edited by Tim when he started the Save Soho campaign from his Frith Street bedsit in 2014 after the closure of Madame Jojo’s.

An underground recording artist with 3 generations of bona fide Soho family roots, his is very much a Soho musician’s journey. Tim’s creative work to celebrate the village he grew up in, both as an artist and activist, sparked a mission to draw attention to Soho’s role as a unique platform for performing artists.  With Stephen Fry joining Tim’s crusade, their work together inspired a wave of public affection that reminded people just how valuable Soho is to all of us.

You can watch ‘Soho Is…’ on YouTube here

After-show Q & A  with the Directors and Film Critic Anna Smith


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