Modern British Cookery

In the best Modern British style, Union food is robust and unpretentious - but with an international twist.

Executive Chef Carolyn Dawson is much travelled and members enjoy her reliable home-made cookery, executed with style and flair.

Everything is made fresh on the premises; we roll our own pasta and bake bread every day, and Carolyn's team produce all their own cakes, tarts, pies and puddings every morning.

Menu Oct 2018


Freshly pressed grapefruit & peach (4.50)
Freshly squeezed blood orange juice (4.75)
Italian meats, olives & bruschetta
Homemade crisps (3.00)
Homemade breads, olive oil & butter (4.50)
Welsh rarebit (8.50)


Welsh rarebit (8.50)
Union burger with fries, salad & home made ketchup (13.50)
Salad of the day: Fennel, beetroot, blood orange, olive, rocket & salted ricotta (11.50)
Buffalo Mozzarella, broccoli, dolcelatte & red onion calzone(10.50)
Pasta, sausage & tomato sauce (13.75)


Ham hock & lentil soup with kale (8.95)
Stilton tart with apple, celery, endive & cress salad (8.25)
Baby artichoke, pine nuts, giant cous-cous & pickled lemon (8.75)
Smoked trout cake, green beans & gribiche sauce (8.75)
Southern fried prawns & Caesar salad (10.50)
Salt cod & chorizo tortilla, rocket & smoked paprika (8.95)


Beef shin pie, braised red cabbage & swede (15.00)
Roast label Anglaise chicken wild mushroom, leek, pancetta & farro risotto (£18.75)
Pan fried calves liver, polenta, roasted tomato & salsa verde (£18.50)
Roasted skate with shrimp, cucumber & dill (£18.00)
Gorgonzola & radicchio ravioli, walnuts & sage (£15.50)


Chips & mayo (4.00)
New potatoes (4.00)
Mixed leaves (4.00)
Rocket & parmesan (4.50)
Cavolo nero with chilli & garlic


Clementine & almond cake, caramelised clementines & greek yoghurt (6.95)
Apple & rhubarb crumble with vanilla ice cream (6. 95)
Warm prune & frangipan tart, crème fraiche (6.95)
Homemade ice cream – coffee, raspberry, caramel (6.00)
Homemade sorbet – strawberry, peach, blueberry (6.00)
Neals Yard cheese with homemade crackers & chutney (8.95)

An optional gratuity of 12.5% will be added to the food & drink total. Optional gratuities are non VAT rateable. Please note food and drink prices are inclusive of VAT.

Set Club Lunch
2 courses £15.00 (with dessert £18.50) Fennel beetroot, blood orange, olive, rocket & salted ricotta or Ham hock & lentil soup Smoked trout cake with green beans & sauce gribiche or Pasta, sausage & tomato sauce