7pm, Tuesday 7 May, 2024

We invite the refined and intellectual members of the Union Club to join us on a journey of philosophical contemplation. Settle into the cosy Channing Williams room for an evening of cerebral discourse, hosted by Robert Rowland Smith and Mark Vernon as they engage in a spirited Philosophy Slam!

Your erudite hosts, Robert (philosopher and author of “Breakfast with Socrates”) and Mark (also a philosopher, psychotherapist, and author of numerous philosophical works) will grace the event with profound insights, razor-sharp wit and encyclopedic knowledge.

The Slam is an interactive affair, and guests are invited to pose questions and challenge the intellectual prowess of our esteemed philosophers.

Furrow that brow, engage the grey matter, and unleash your inner philosopher.

How it works

People gather. Mark and Robert stand up. Someone from the audience calls out a random word. In the past they have had words as serious as ‘death’ and ‘consciousness’ and as silly as ‘smoothies’ and ‘crocodiles’. Mark and Robert each speak for a few minutes on the topic, drawing on the history of ideas. Then the next word is called out, and off they go again…

Need some sustenance (or a stiff drink) after all that thinking? The event will run 7-8pm so feel free to reserve a table for dinner or drinks afterwards via