News from the Far East : Vout-O-Reenees

As lockdown plods along, we continue to check in with members of the Union diaspora. Here we receive an update from our woman in the East End, Sophie from reciprocal club Vout-O-Reenees. Never been? Well you’re in for a treat – Vouts is a home for art, music and a mean cocktail, all hidden away in a crypt in Whitechapel. And as a member of the Union you can swing by anytime – just drop us an email and we’ll make the necessary introductions!

Sophie reports…

The club may be closed but I have had a lot to keep me busy, making marmalade, interviews on Radio 4, writing and painting, talking to my members (hilarious repartee on our Whatsapp group), looking after my 89 year old mum – better known as Molly Parkin – and my son.

Here are a few pertinent bits below that I suppose really show where Vout-O-Reenees and I, are at!

Here’s a piece I wrote recently about how to survive the pandemic. What you need, written in the form of a shopping list or recipe…

…featuring lots of cocktail classes I filmed of myself during the year (both alcoholic and otherwise) a bit like Fanny and Johnny Craddock, & a few music videos that I filmed at the time, impromptu, but they give a flavour.

James Johnston from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Angel from F4Cade

Jordan Jackson

…so far… but I’ll add more!

And last but not least… I’ve had our website redesigned to be a little more fun and joyful.

There is now a shop selling fabulous photographs by master photographer John Claridge (wonderful portraits of jazz and comedy greats Tommy Cooper to Chet Baker), some of my recent paintings, art from the latest mixed show of artists in our The Stash Gallery JOY! exhibition, and prints and books from The Colony Room Club – both collectors’ and regular editions and the ltd. ed. prints from amongst other Colony members such as Sarah Lucas, George Melly, Patrick Hughes etc.

Big thanks to Sophie for her update – we hope it has provided some inspiration for some armchair travel (as well as a cocktail recipe or two) and of course, we thoroughly await when we can experience the joy in person once again.