FROM THE UNION KITCHEN: Christmas Plum Pudding!

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22nd November 2020 is Stir-Up Sunday this year – when families and bakers traditionally make their plum puds for Xmas. Do be aware that the fruit will need to be soaked in advance – at least overnight (but you could do a few days!) so you will need to get your shopping and soaking done ahead of time. 

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  • 100g currants
  • 100g raisins or sultanas
  • 50g dried cherries
  • 50g dried apricot
  • 50g dried prune
  • 60g mixed peel
  • 50g roasted and chopped almond
  • 150 ml brandy
  • 90g self raising flour
  • 125g fresh white breadcrumbs
  • 150g shredded suet – vegetarian can be used
  • 1 peeled and grated apple
  • 150g dark soft brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon black treacle
  • 1/2 teaspoon mixed spice
  • 3 eggs
  • Zest 1 orange


Chop larger fruit so it’s all the same size. Soak all the fruit in brandy at least overnight or a few days.

Prepare a 7″, 1 litre sized pudding bowl by buttering and flouring it and place a disc of greaseproof paper in the bottom.

Mix all the ingredients together really well – if it’s a little dry add some more brandy or orange juice.

Fill up the pudding bowl, pressing down and leaving some space at the top. Cover with  a layer of greaseproof and then foil,  sealing tightly with string or a band of foil. If you can make a little handle with string or foil  around the top it will make it easier to pull out later.

Place in a pot with a trivet or upturned saucer in the bottom and fill 2/3 full with boiling water. Cover with a lid and leave on a low simmer for 3 hours, topping up the water as needed.

Leave to cool in the pot. Remove the old paper and foil, cover with a fresh piece of greaseproof pare and wrap tightly in cling film. Leave in a cool dry spot until Xmas.


To reheat: pop back in the pot on the trivet and fill 2/3rds with hot water again. Steam for two hours (while you’re eating your Xmas lunch!)

To serve: turn out onto a plate. I usually ignite mine with vodka as I find it lights easier and for longer.

Put 150ml of vodka in a small saucepan and heat. As it starts to come to the boil quickly put a match to it and pour the flaming liquid over the pudding. It should burn for 10 seconds or so.

Brandy butter is the traditional accompaniment.

And if you have leftovers…

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