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We have been making these for years and dare I say it they have become quite well known!

They are quick to knock up, you can freeze them raw and cook them when you want and are perfect for this time of year.

Of course you could make your own pastry but the shop bought works perfectly well, so why not save yourself the time…

Makes 30-36 small sausage rolls, or 10-12 large ones

250g pork mince
250g veal mince
250g sausage meat
1 small brown onion
10 sage leaves
1 egg
500g puff pastry
1 egg yolk (for egg washing)

  • Dice the onion and cook over a low heat in some oil until softened. Chop the sage and add, cooking for a further few minutes. Leave to completely cool.
  • Mix the 3 meats with the cooked onion, the whole egg, and salt and pepper. Mix reallly well, by hand or in your mixer with the dough hook. Take a teaspoon of mixture and cook in a frying pan, then taste it to check the seasoning. Add more salt and pepper if needed – if not, we are ready to roll.
  • Roll out the puff pastry to a rectangle shape, the thickness of a pound coin. Mould a long sausage of mixture along the pastry, in the middle. Mix the egg yolk with a drop of water then brush along the front of the meat. Roll over the pastry, seal tightly then fork along the seam.
    (At this point you can cut them up, place on a tray and freeze. When they are frozen hard store in a sealed container or freezer bag.)
    If not freezing, trim up to create a straight edge then brush with the egg yolk. Cut sausage rolls about 4cm wide, or whatever size you need. Place on a tray with baking paper, leaving space between each sausage roll. Chill while your oven heats up to 180C.
  • Brush with the egg yolk again – doing it twice gives them a nice glaze, but not essential. Pop into the oven for 12-15 minutes, until golden brown. If you have cut large ones they will need a little longer on a lower heat of 160C.
  • If cooking from frozen, brush them with egg before putting in the oven and give them an extra 5-8 minutes, lowering the temperature once they have browned.
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